Clark GellingsLet's Build a Global Power Grid" Outstanding proposal from Clark Gellings, a Fellow at the Electric Power Research Institute and an IEEE Life Fellow. This is his second article for IEEE Spectrum. His first, published in 1981, introduced the idea of demand-side management—a now common smart-grid practice that allows electricity customers to manage their own usage. “People thought it was heretical, but the idea eventually took hold,” he says. “I hope that happens with this, too.”

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  • May 2016 
  • 05.31.16 Net Energy Metering 2.0: The Upcoming Changes For Solar   
  • 05.31.16 World's first grid-connected tidal array almost complete
  • 05.31.16 Great Plains Energy to buy rival Kansas utility Westar for $8.6B
  • 05.31.16 Maryland Gov. Hogan vetoes increase to state's renewable energy standard 
  • 05.30.16 Solar advocacy groups urge California net-metering equalising bill to come out of ‘limbo’
  • 05.29.16 Tesla sets July 29 as grand opening date for Nevada gigafactory
  • 05.27.16 China's State Grid seeks takeover targets globally in push for "energy internet" project
  • 05.27.16 U.S. House votes to enter conference committee with Senate on energy bills  
  • 05.26.16 Brookings: Net metering is a net benefit for utilities and all ratepayers
  • 05.26.16 Big Corporations Are Starting to Ditch Their Power Providers. A Sign of the Utility Death Spiral?
  • 05.26.16 SPP CEO: Regionalization, transmission help push renewables penetration near 50%
  • 05.26.16 Donald Trump betrays total ignorance of solar, energy market dynamics in policy speech
  • 05.26.16 New York lawmakers introduce bill to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050
  • 05.26.16 Batteries Or Train-Pumped Energy For Grid-Scale Power Storage
  • 05.26.16 World’s Largest Hydropower Project Unravels
  • 05.25.16 Exclusive: Apple explores charging stations for electric vehicles 
  • 05.25.16 Analysis Finds Rooftop Solar Provides a $7 Million Net Benefit to All Nevada Ratepayers   
  • 05.25.16 FERC grants NYISO request to give behind-the-meter resources market access
  • 05.25.16 Orange Button: A New Data Standard for Cheaper Solar?
  • 05.24.16 A grid of DERs: DOE program aims for 100% solar penetration on the distribution system
  • 05.24.16 Payments Plunge on Largest U.S. Grid, Threatening Power Plant Closures 
  • 05.23.16 MGMGrand paying $87M utility exit fee to seek renewable energy options elsewhere
  • 05.23.16 New report outlines how 11 utilities leaped big hurdles to build 800-mile CapX2020 project
  • 05.23.16 Chicago-based Invenergy wants to power New York City
  • 05.23.16 REBA shows what it takes to scale corporate renewable energy
  • 05.23.16 PECO proposes two microgrids to boost resiliency in Pennsylvania community
  • 05.21.16 100% Clean Energy Economy Is Closer Than You Think
  • 05.20.16 NY Energy Czar: “There are Going to be a Lot More Microgrids” 
  • 05.20.16 NERC: Clean Power Plan will halve US power demand growth, spur renewables
  • 05.20.16 New York Approves Restructuring of Utility Revenue Model 
  • 05.20.16 Wind Power Giant Gamesa Combines Solar, Diesel and Storage for Off-Grid Prototype
  • 05.20.16 Google’s Project Sunroof Expands to 42 States and Millions More Rooftops
  • 05.20.16 Hawaiian Electric proposes major plan to import LNG as bridge to 100% renewables 
  • 05.20.16 Power sector preparing for EMP attack among grid risks, EEI official tells Senate
  • 05.19.16 GreenSync launches new technology for managing a decentralised energy future
  • 05.19.16 Clean Energy Collective steps up marketing game for 'community solar' in South Texas
  • 05.18.16 Nasdaq Explores How Blockchain Could Fuel Solar Energy Market
  • 05.18.16 Hillary Clinton’s Energy Adviser Goes Deep on Solar, Energy Regulation, Climate and Trump
  • 05.18.16 The End of SunEdison: Developer Now Looking Into Liquidating Its Assets
  • 05.17.16 MIT Says Its Ideas Will Make Microgrids More Efficient and Easier to Operate
  • 05.17.16 2017 Chevy Bolt EV sales could go as high as 80,000 per year
  • 05.17.16 Jordan to connect to GCC power grid through Saudi Arabia 
  • 05.17.16 Energy Storage 4.0: The Plug-and-Play Grid Is Not That Far Off
  • 05.17.16 New Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance Intends to Aggregate Corporate Procurement
  • 05.17.16 DOE pulls funding for Texas clean coal project
  • 05.16.16 Job targets and state funding slashed for SolarCity project in Buffalo
  • 05.16.16 Ontario to spend $7-billion on sweeping climate change plan 
  • 05.16.16 People power: Tasmanian residents to store solar energy and sell it back to grid   
  • 05.16.16 Aussie scientists record climate change 'tipping point' 
  • 05.16.16 Viridity Energy Raises $8.5M to Expand its Virtual Power Plant Software
  • 05.16.16 What SolarCity's new portfolio of grid services can do for utilities  
  • 05.15.16 How Blockchain Technology Can Reinvent the Power Grid   
  • 05.14.16 Consumers provide solar power to Dubai electricity grid 
  • 05.13.16 Solar Firm Co-Founder Sees Rising Clout of the Energy "Pro-sumer" 
  • 05.13.16 Major US companies launch Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance
  • 05.13.16 AES CEO: Solar Is ‘the Future’ but Utility Buy-In Is a Must 
  • 05.12.16 Developer Signs with HVDC Transmission Project for 600 MW of New Wind Projects in NY
  • 05.12.16 ABB Software to Boost the National Grid Power Network in US 
  • 05.12.16 Tesla Confirms Details of Powerwall Improvements
  • 05.11.16 An embarrassment of riches? Maui shows why renewables curtailment isn't all bad  
  • 05.11.16 California regulators reopen San Onofre case over secret settlement talks 
  • 05.11.16 Ohio lawmakers seek further freeze on renewable, efficiency standards
  • 05.10.16 Sonoma Clean Power launches EV initiative to build 500 new charging stations
  • 05.10.16 ERCOT: Texas gears up for proposals to integrate DERs  
  • 05.09.16 San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco pledge to go with 100% renewable energy
  • 05.09.16 Take Control of Your Future, Part II: The Power of Customer Choice and Changing Demands
  • 05.09.16 CAISO EIM Boosts Market for Renewables in Q1
  • 05.09.16 SolarCity's Stock Plunges On Big Quarterly Loss, Disappointing Outlook
  • 05.07.16 DR Congo moves to build $100 billion Grand Inga dam, to pick phase-1 contractor by August 
  • 05.07.16 Nuclear costs roll onwards and upwards
  • 05.06.16 “Cat Microgrid Technology” – Solar Power Microgrids are coming to your neighborhood 
  • 05.06.16 Chairman Who Guided China Power Giant's Global Energy Grid to Retire 
  • 05.06.16 Blockchain holds key to reinventing energy grid  
  • 05.06.16 SolarCity, duke of the rooftop, expands into solar farms 
  • 05.05.16 Closing the development gap through grid interconnection and the energy internet  
  • 05.05.16 Report forecasts 'perfect storm' of renewable energy innovations  
  • 05.05.16 SolarCity unveils new software services for utilities, grid operators
  • 05.05.16 Massachusetts lawmakers mull 2,000 MW offshore wind mandate
  • 05.05.16 A Top Utility Regulator Talks About How to Prepare California for 50% Renewable Energy
  • 05.05.16 Edison Electric Institute’s 2016 Goals Are a Bellwether for Utility Sector Change
  • 05.04.16 Ameresco Tests GE Microgrid Controller at Shipyard; Positions in Government Market
  • 05.04.16 Humboldt, CA Looks at Community Choice Power
  • 05.04.16 Areva Admits to “Irregularities” in Hundreds of Nuclear Plant Components, Falsified Documents 
  • 05.04.16 $1.5B underwater transmission project proposed to ship renewables to NYC 
  • 05.04.16 DOE's new $25M solar fund seeks development of distributed energy grid solutions 
  • 05.04.16 Ban Ki-moon to appoint new head of UN Environment Programme
  • 05.04.16 ACC approves TEP plans for renewables, storage, but not utility-owned solar  
  • 05.03.16 Bill Richardson: What Saudi Arabia’s Bet on Solar Power Means
  • 05.03.16 Benefits of Clean, Distributed Energy: Why Time, Location, and Compensation Matter 
  • 05.03.16 Inside the deal that averted a net metering ballot showdown in Arizona    
  • 05.02.16 An Energy Blockchain for European Prosumers
  • 05.02.16 MIT team’s “brain” for microgrids wins Clean Energy Prize
  • 05.02.16 Ameren Proposing 2 Customer-Supported Solar Energy Efforts
  • 05.02.16 Ohio PUC chairman Andre Porter submits resignation amid regulatory 'transition'
  • 05.02.16 Oracle to buy Opower for $532M   
  • "There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance" watch video
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    global energy grid

    There is a new world wide web emerging right before our eyes.

    It is a global energy network and, like the internet, it will change our culture, society and how we do business.  More importantly, it will alter how we use, transform and exchange energy.

    Enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth every 40 minutes to meet 100 percent of the entire world's energy needs for a full year.

    There is no energy supply problem, there is an energy distribution problem -- and the emerging solution is a new world wide web of electricity.

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