Clark GellingsLet's Build a Global Power Grid" Outstanding proposal from Clark Gellings, a Fellow at the Electric Power Research Institute and an IEEE Life Fellow. This is his second article for IEEE Spectrum. His first, published in 1981, introduced the idea of demand-side management—a now common smart-grid practice that allows electricity customers to manage their own usage. “People thought it was heretical, but the idea eventually took hold,” he says. “I hope that happens with this, too.”

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  • September 2016
  • 09.30.16 Bill McKibben: Why We Need A World War III Approach To Energy And Climate Change
  • 09.30.16 NRG breaks ground on 5 Minnesota community solar projects
  • 09.30.16 DOE: Plummeting clean energy costs accelerating renewable 'revolution'
  • 09.29.16 Following New York's lead, Maryland targets electric distribution transformation
  • 09.29.16 Far-East projects like supergrid could increase Russia's energy clout in Asia-Pacific
  • 09.28.16 Inside the DC Circuit: What happened at the Clean Power Plan's court hearing
  • 09.27.16 Despite climate risks, utilities bet big on natural gas
  • 09.27.16 UK could be home to 24 million clean energy prosumers by 2050, says report 
  • 09.26.16 Verengo Solar files for bankruptcy, will sell solar assets to Crius Energy
  • 09.26.16 Trump, Clinton spar over clean energy policies in 1st Presidential debate
  • 09.23.16 Enphase on the Edge: Microinverter Maker Lays Off 11% of Workforce,Plans New Stock Offering
  • 09.23.16 Donald Trump Still Doesn’t Understand Energy Markets
  • 03.22.16 SDG&E opposes lobbying rules on public power program
  • 09.22.16 Paris climate accord poised to come into force after 31 countries ratify
  • 09.21.16 Solar flare-up: Trade group wrestles with internal ruckus
  • 09.21.16 Four Asian nations sign MOU for new renewable energy  "Super Grid"    
  • 09.21.16 Wind power demands a fundamental change in design and operation of grids
  • 09.21.16 How Southern California Edison's new rate case would transform the grid
  • 09.21.16 Environmentalists wary of Congress' rush to pass energy bill
  • 09.21.16 Blockchain - Brave New Energy World for Prosumers?”
  • 09.20.16 A 3-Part Microgrid Launches in Canada, With Transactive Energy as the Goal
  • 09.20.16 Some Utilities Will Fail as World Reboots its Energy Systems
  • 09.20.16 Are virtual power plants the next evolution of American infrastructure?
  • 09.20.16 Renewables account for 30 per cent of global power capacity, World Energy Council reveals
  • 09.20.16 New Hikari Supercomputer Powered by Solar HVDC 
  • 09.19.16 California appeals court to review approval of 500 MW Carlsbad gas plant
  • 09.19.16 Amazon backs 253 MW Texas wind farm
  • 09.19.16 Why the New Massachusetts Energy Storage Report Is Such a Big Deal
  • 09.16.16 Nevada regulators approve solar grandfathering proposal
  • 09.16.16 How MGM Prepared Itself to Leave Nevada’s Biggest Utility
  • 09.16.16 Missouri PSC approves $11.3B Fortis acquisition of ITC transmission company
  • 09.16.16 Closing in on high-temperature superconductivity 
  • 09.15.16 Appeals court to review CPUC vote on Carlsbad power plant
  • 09.15.16 Tesla Wins Massive Contract to Help Power the California Grid
  • 09.14.16 California Grapples With the Pros and Cons of Joining a Regional Western Grid 
  • 09.14.16 Australia courts U.S., Canada after rejecting Chinese bids for Ausgrid: Reuters
  • 09.13.16 NRG wins SunEdison's renewables portfolio with $144M bid
  • 09.13.16 SPI 2016: “Time for solar to grow up”
  • 09.13.16 Taking the Temperature of America’s Local Solar Politics 
  • 09.12.16 Community Solar Offers Alternative to Rooftops that Utilities Like
  • 09.12.16 Bitcoin Technology Harnessed to Push Electricity Revolution   
  • 09.10.16 Obama eyes big finish on climate 
  • 09.10.16 Blue Planet Energy’s Sleek, Modular Home Battery Will Debut Early Next Year
  • 09.09.16 U.S. Plans Offshore Wind Expansion That Could Supply Entire U.K. 
  • 09.09.16 Arab Foreign Ministers Agree to Establish Electricity Common Market with 16-nation grid  
  • 09.09.16 Transmission: Can the U.S. develop a supergrid before China? (Pt. 3)
  • 09.09.16 S. Korea’s KEPCO pushes for creating supergrid in Asia
  • 09.09.16 Obama Administration Unveils Vision for Offshore Wind   
  • 09.08.16 Transmission: Promoters of cleaner electric grid zapped by roadblocks (Pt. 2)
  • 09.08.16 Fukushima unveils grand plan for alternative energy transmission line networks
  • 09.08.16 Solar advocates ramp up pressure on Florida ballot initiative 
  • 09.08.16 In the Power Line Business, ‘Made in USA’ Thrives in China
  • 09.07.16 Transmission: The birth and troubled childhood of an American supergrid (Pt. 1)
  • 09.06.16 NEC Rolls Out Its Low-Cost Behind-the-Meter Battery System 
  • 09.06.16 Startups to Develop Blockchain for Energy Trading in EY Innovation Hub 
  • 09.06.16 An Urgent Plea to SEIA: Change Your Solar Advocacy Priorities 
  • 09.05.16 Brazil’s CPFL utility seeks to be China launch pad for other S. America acquisitions
  • 09.05.16 Chile, an Engine for Clean Energy Disruption?
  • 09.04.16 "Global energy interconnection" seen as economic opportunity, discussed at G20 summit 
  • 09.03.16 Interconnectivity of electricity grids to be major topic at G20 summit says infrastructure co-chair 
  • 09.03.16 Superlatives are justified, Paris Agreement ratification could herald the end of the fossil fuel age 
  • 09.03.16 Obama and Xi Formally Committ U.S. & China to Paris Climate Accord
  • 09.02.16 Researchers Crystallize Hydrogen Sulfide In High-Temp Superconducting Phase  
  • 09.02.16 The graph that shows the death of traditional energy utilities    
  • 09.02.16 GE commissions HVDC converter station to interconnect grids in Brazil and Uruguay
  • 09.02.16 Clean Energy Jobs Are Exploding in America. Why Don’t Mainstream Reporters Know?
  • 09.02.16 Solar yieldco model ‘flawed from the beginning’, says US bank executive
  • 09.01.16 How a new algorithm could revolutionise power grid protection
  • 09.01.16 NREL: Eastern Interconnect can handle 30% renewable energy
  • 09.01.16 Oregon regulators delay report outlining major changes to solar policies 
  • 09.01.16 Pope Francis says destroying the environment is a sin
  • 09.01.16 Tule Wind Project about to start construction outside San Diego
  • 09.01.16 US Microgrid Market Growth Driven by Multi-Stakeholder Ownership Models      
  • "There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance" watch video
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    global energy grid

    There is a new world wide web emerging right before our eyes.

    It is a global energy network and, like the internet, it will change our culture, society and how we do business.  More importantly, it will alter how we use, transform and exchange energy.

    Enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth every 40 minutes to meet 100 percent of the entire world's energy needs for a full year.

    There is no energy supply problem, there is an energy distribution problem -- and the emerging solution is a new world wide web of electricity.

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