Clark GellingsLet's Build a Global Power Grid" Outstanding proposal from Clark Gellings, a Fellow at the Electric Power Research Institute and an IEEE Life Fellow. This is his second article for IEEE Spectrum. His first, published in 1981, introduced the idea of demand-side management—a now common smart-grid practice that allows electricity customers to manage their own usage. “People thought it was heretical, but the idea eventually took hold,” he says. “I hope that happens with this, too.” More info here.

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  • February 2016 
  • 02.29.16 Report: Consumers’ Growing Appetite for Solar, Storage and Bundled Home Energy Services 
  • 02.28.16 Warren Buffett: Solar and Wind Could ‘Erode the Economics of the Incumbent Utility’ 
  • 02.26.16 Silicon Valley benefits from community choice in energy
  • 02.26.16 The Energy Blockchain: How Bitcoin Could Be a Catalyst for the Distributed Grid 
  • 02.26.16 State Grid Corp of China to Expand Transmission Cooperation With Russia   
  • 02.25.16 Tom Siebel, Tech Pioneer, Bets Big on the Internet of Energy 
  • 02.25.16 Wind turbines in the Arctic? Not so crazy, China says
  • 02.25.16 How utilities and their regulators will determine the future of solar  
  • 02.25.16 HECO cancels 3 solar contracts with SunEdison
  • 02.24.16 Why Buffett Needs West to Get Over Enron and Link Power Grids 
  • 02.24.16 Oregon bill to curb coal, boost renewables amended to give PUC more oversight
  • 02.24.16 Washington state solar incentive bill set for Senate hearing after House passage 
  • 02.23.16 ABB chief sees IoT revolution bringing prosperity 
  • 02.23.16 Cheapest power in the US? Palo Alto muni eyes solar at under $37/MWh 
  • 02.23.16 'A battery in every basement': How the lowly water heater could power the smart grid  
  • 02.23.16 Empowerment over protection: How solar and DERs can help the disadvantaged 
  • 02.23.16 Geothermal energy bill waits for New Mexico governor's sign off
  • 02.23.16 Opponents challenge federal expansion under Clean Power Plan  
  • 02.22.16 U.S. solar industry built a record 7.3 GW of new capacity in 2015
  • 02.19.16 Scientists call for HVDC lines connecting the nation’s wind, solar, and power markets 
  • 02.19.16 UK’s nuclear project falters again
  • 02.19.16 Big-Box Stores Are One of Solar’s Largest Untapped Resources
  • 02.18.16 SunEdison could lose PPAs for 148 MW solar projects in Hawaii
  • 02.18.16 CleanPowerSF initiates first wave of automatic enrollment 
  • 02.18.16 SunEdison closing one plant, selling another in restructuring 
  • 02.17.16 Sempra-owned utility pleads not guilty in gas leak
  • 02.16.16 Coalition of US states pledge to accelerate renewable energy efforts 
  • 02.16.16 Ultra-high voltage equipment makers set to benefit from China’s clean air push
  • 02.16.16 Why 175 Oil And Gas Companies Could Go Bankrupt This Year
  • 02.15.16 Alaska's rural energy microgrids offer a prototype for powering the world 
  • 02.15.16 A Rockefeller explains: Why I lost faith in Exxon Mobil, and donated my shares 
  • 02.14.16 An east-west power grid, Canada's elusive national dream 
  • 02.11.16 DynamicEnergy:Why the Future Looks So Promising for Utilities in a Distributed World  
  • 02.11.16 Eight trends shaping the grid of the future 
  • 02.11.16 Schneider Electric to build microgrid at Massachusetts HQ 
  • 02.10.16 SunZia transmission line ‘makes America stronger’ 
  • 02.08.16 Study Says Revamped Electric Grid Could Save California $1.8 Billion Annually 
  • 02.08.16 Why natural gas investments could spell trouble for electric utilities  
  • 02.08.16 Poll: Over 50% of Hawaii residents oppose NextEra-HEI merger 
  • 02.07.16 Driven by Power Outages and Savings, Towns Look to Microgrid  
  • 02.06.16 California saves $12 million in new energy imbalance market

  • 02.05.16 How a warehouse company became one of America's renewable energy leaders
  • 02.05.16 The "Consumerization" of Energy Is Just Beginning 
  • 02.05.16 SolarEdge Holds the Lead in Module-Level Power Electronics
  • 02.05.16 Nevada ballot initiative seeks to break NV Energy monopoly with retail choice  
  • 02.05.16 PG&E Launches Community Solar Program Enabling Customers to Go 100% Renewable
  • 02.05.16 Clean Power Plan: Obama’s Team Confident About Pitch to Supreme Court 
  • 02.04.16 China's State Grid Corp pushes for $50 trillion 'global energy Internet'   
  • 02.04.16 ABB wins $130 million order to upgrade HVDC power transmission link in the US  
  • 02.04.16 Kauai co-op integrates over 70% solar, 90% renewables four times in January
  • 02.04.16 Morocco Unveils A Massive Solar Power Plant In The Sahara
  • 02.04.16 Senate Democrats Block Energy Bill in Dispute Over Aid for Flint
  • 02.04.16 Physicists discover new properties of superconductivity  
  • 02.03.16 Arizona regulators OK SunZia power lines
  • 02.03.16 ABB delivers HVDC interconnector to integrate Baltic region and enhance power security 
  • 02.02.16 SunZia transmission line project faces a crucial vote 
  • 02.02.16 Siemens wins order for HVDC link between Denmark and Holland
  • 02.02.16 Power Superhighways: How Updating Transmission Infrastructure Can Help U.S. Meet Climate Goals 
  • 02.02.16 Oregon utilities back bill for 50% renewables, coal phase-out
  • 02.02.16 On grid modernization, gap widens between leading states, laggards 
  • 02.01.16 Why The Renewables Revolution Is Now Unstoppable
  • 02.01.16 17% of Hawaiian Electric customers now have rooftop solar  
  • 02.01.16 Southern California Utilities to Deploy 5,000 EV Chargers in First-of-Their-Kind Pilots 
  • "There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance" watch video
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    global energy grid

    There is a new world wide web emerging right before our eyes.

    It is a global energy network and, like the internet, it will change our culture, society and how we do business.  More importantly, it will alter how we use, transform and exchange energy.

    Enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth every 40 minutes to meet 100 percent of the entire world's energy needs for a full year.

    There is no energy supply problem, there is an energy distribution problem -- and the emerging solution is a new world wide web of electricity.

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