Jeremy Rifkin Speaking at Google corporate HQ in 2014, author Jeremy Rifkin reports consulting with Chinese leadership and the Chinese government has committted to spending $80 billion over the next four years on a distributed energy internet across China to help smooth out the peaks and valleys of intermittent renewable energy and smooth the transition of the country to a greater dependence on renewable energy (Read more)

The Latest Developments in Solar, Wind, Fuel Cells, Geothermal
 and other Distributed Generation Technologies
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  • January, 2015 
  • 01.30.15 Most Republicans Say They Back Climate Action, Poll Finds
  • 01.30.15 Seven Reasons Cheap Oil Can't Stop Renewables Now 
  • 01.30.15 State agents search homes of ex-CPUC chief Peevey, former PG&E exec
  • 01.30.15 One Chart That Explains Why SMA Is Shedding So Many Jobs 
  • 01.30.15 SolarCity and MillerCoors Announce Largest Solar Project at Any U.S. Brewery 
  • 01.29.15 The Shift Toward a Decentralized, Distributed Electric Grid Is Already Underway 
  • 01.29.15 ABB offers new distribution grid integration solutions at DistribuTECH 2015
  • 01.28.15 Too Soon To Say Whether Community Choice Aggregation Will Come To San Diego 
  • 01.28.15 Divine intervention in climate talks? 
  • 01.27.15 SunEdison CEO Joins President Obama, Prime Minister Modi At New Delhi Climate Talks
  • 01.27.15 What utility execs think the future holds 
  • 01.27.15 DC Links in AC Grids Add Stability and Greater Security 
  • 01.27.15 One-third of SMA staff to lose their jobs  
  • 01.27.15 San Francisco mayor calls for community choice aggregation program
  • 01.27.15 Pipeline Explodes In WV, Fireball Shoots Hundreds of Feet In The Air
  • 01.26.15 FPL proposes to almost double Florida's solar power by 2016 
  • 01.26.15 Why It's Taking The U.S. So Long To Make Fusion Energy Work
  • 01.26.15 Clean Energy Investment Plummets in Ohio
  • 01.26.15 Why you need to pay attention to solar energy legislation in Indiana
  • 01.26.15 Nissan Plans 1,000 New Stations to Quickly Charge Electric Cars  
  • 01.26.15 Leadership, The Internet, and the Eclipse of Capitalism
  • 01.25.15 Federal permit approved for $2 billion SunZia transmission line in SW US 
  • 01.25.15 Worry for Solar Projects After End of Tax Credits
  • 01.25.15 U.S. And India Announce ‘Cooperation’ On Climate Change  
  • 01.24.15 No prospect of relief from constant nuclear waste headache
  • 01.23.15 Demand Response Will ‘Win Hands Down’ if Taken Up by Supreme Court, Says Former FERC Chair 
  • 01.22.15 NRG's Grand Ambition to Dominate the Solar Market 
  • 01.22.15 Gulf Power, military propose 120 MW network of solar power plants in FL 
  • 01.22.15 A common confusion over net metering is undermining utilities and the grid
  • 01.22.15 Why utilities across the nation are embracing community solar   
  • 01.21.15 Top 10 Utility Commission Issues to Watch in 2015 
  • 01.21.15 Dubai Triples Solar Energy Target by 2030 on Lower Costs 
  • 01.21.15 How Rooftop Solar Can Stabilize the Grid 
  • 01.21.15 NREL: Economic Trade-offs of Owning versus Leasing a Solar PV System
  • 01.21.15 Where the electric vehicle boom is happening and how utilities can take advantage
  • 01.21.15 Nebraska senators propose state wind tax credit to replace federal PTC
  • 01.21.15 SunEdison Applauds Governor Cuomo's Support For Solar In New York
  • 01.20.15 Special report: How the rise of a mega solar panel farm shows us the future of energy
  • 01.20.15 NRG’s Plan to Double Revenues: Win the Hearts, Minds and Wallets of Millennials
  • 01.20.15 How to make the most of rising wind-energy production
  • 01.20.15 20-acre solar farm construction to start in spring at U of Illinois
  • 01.20.15 How Synchrophasors Are Bringing The Grid Into The 21st Century
  • 01.20.15 Investors take Vivint Solar to court after losses
  • 01.20.15 UN climate chief: Carbon bubble is now a reality
  • 01.20.15 EU to launch diplomatic offensive ahead of Paris climate talks
  • 01.20.15 America Installed 22 Times More Solar in 2014 Than in 2008
  • 01.20.15 Flow Batteries Installed at Slovenian Alps Restaurant
  • 01.20.15 Japan Plans to Pump $700 Million Into Energy Storage  
  • 01.19.15 The Latest Consumer Disconnects About Solar Means More Education is Needed

  • 01.18.15 Billionaire Tom Steyer eyes climate change, education in potential Senate bid 
  • 01.16.15 Here’s How the US Solar-Storage Market Reaches $1B in 3 Years
  • 01.16.15 Missouri net metering bills could aid battered solar industry
  • 01.16.15 In Indiana, utilities ‘rewriting the rules’ on efficiency, solar  
  • 01.15.15 Solar Industry Added Jobs 20X Faster Than Overall U.S. Economy In 2014
  • 01.15.15 Desert Sunlight 550 MW solar PV project goes online
  • 01.15.15 NRG Sees Home Solar Expansion Amid Commodity Price Decline 
  • 01.15.15 Study: Rooftop solar adds $15,000 premium to home values
  • 01.15.15 How new turbine technology will open up the Southeast to wind development
  • 01.14.15 Report: Solar Is Cheaper Than the Grid in 42 of the 50 Largest US Cities
  • 01.14.15 Fighting to green San Diego’s energy grid  
  • 01.14.15 San Diego Region Deploys ‘Internet of Things’ to Advance Smart City Goals
  • 01.14.15 White House Steps Forward on Climate Action Plan with Actions to Cut Methane Emissions
  • 01.14.15 Reports of Unfair Early FPL Solar Rebate Applications in FL 
  • 01.14.15 St. Louis IKEA Roof to Hold Missouri's Largest Rooftop Solar Power Installation
  • 01.13.15 Will California's Energy Policy Become the World's Energy Policy?
  • 01.13.15 Utility compromise paves way for Georgia solar incentive bill 
  • 01.13.15 Japan estimated to have installed over 8GW of solar in 2014
  • 01.13.15 CPUC email scandal widens to involve SCE, SONGS closure
  • 01.13.15 Reverse Net-Metering? California Penalizes Certain Types Of Energy Efficiency
  • 01.13.15 Ecolab to offset most of its energy usage in Minnesota via community solar gardens
  • 01.13.15 Baltic states could be separated from Russia's electricity grid by 2025
  • 01.12.15 A Solar System Is Installed in America Every 2.5 Minutes 
  • 01.12.15 GM shows Bolt electric vehicle concept with 200-mile driving range 
  • 01.12.15 SunEdison Plans To Build A $4B Mega Solar Factory In India
  • 01.11.15 CA electric vehicle owners shocked by electric rate changes 
  • 01.09.15 Sen. Inhofe lays out battle plan against EPA carbon rules 
  • 01.08.15 New NREL guide to nation's best solar policies — and how to emulate them  
  • 01.08.15 Have Santa Fe's plans for a municipal utility hit a roadblock? 
  • 01.08.15 IHS: Global solar PV to reach 53 GW in 2015, Calif. to become global leader    
  • 01.08.15 HVDC Transmission Market Worth $13.54 Billion by 2020
  • 01.08.15 Graphene Hybrid Resists High Temperatures and Humidity
  • 01.07.15 Where the solar plus energy storage expansion will happen first and why
  • 01.07.15 China pushing harder for PV manufacturing consolidation; 10 companies to dominate
  • 01.07.15 Grid Wars: The battle for distributed electricity
  • 01.07.15 High-temperature superconductor 'fingerprint' found
  • 01.07.15 Cape Wind in Jeopardy as Two Utilities Seek to Terminate Power Purchase Agreements
  • 01.07.15 SDG&E completes $435m New San Diego County transmission substation project  
  • 01.07.15 ‘Energy Geopolitics’ Takes Center Stage at Davos
  • 01.07.15 Perovskite Solar Cell Bests Bugbears, Reaches Record Efficiency
  • 01.07.15 Egypt’s Recent Renewable Energy Tender Oversubscribed Twice Over For Solar Projects
  • 01.06.15 UGE International to Supply Solar Microgrid Energy System for Leading U.S. Restaurant Chain
  • 01.06.15 Republican-led group launches ballot petition to boost solar power in Florida
  • 01.06.15 Bipartisan group of governors urges Obama to support wind production
  • 01.06.15 Feds seek input on 305-mile transmission line from OR to ID
  • 01.06.15 Morocco Well Located to Become Power Hub in Mediterranean
  • 01.05.15 California Governor Calls For 50 Percent Renewable Power 
  • 01.05.15 Tres Amigas superstation misses another self-imposed deadline
  • 01.04.15 Utility-Scale Solar Installations Surged For 5th Consecutive Year, Passed 10 GW
  • 01.03.15 A Setback for SolarWorld and a Trade Case Win for Chinese Solar Manufacturers 
  • 01.03.15 Utilities Fight For Revenue Lost To Solar Power 
  • "There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance" watch video
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    There is a new world wide web emerging right before our eyes.

    It is a global energy network and, like the internet, it will change our culture, society and how we do business.  More importantly, it will alter how we use, transform and exchange energy.

    Enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth every 40 minutes to meet 100 percent of the entire world's energy needs for a full year.

    There is no energy supply problem, there is an energy distribution problem -- and the emerging solution is a new world wide web of electricity.

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