Jeremy Rifkin Speaking at Google corporate HQ in 2014, author Jeremy Rifkin reports consulting with Chinese leadership and the Chinese government has committted to spending $80 billion over the next four years on a distributed energy internet across China to help smooth out the peaks and valleys of intermittent renewable energy and smooth the transition of the country to a greater dependence on renewable energy (Read more)

The Latest Developments in Solar, Wind, Fuel Cells, Geothermal
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  • 07.24.14 SDG&E to become first U.S. utility to use drones 
  • 07.24.14 States Most Opposed to  E.P.A. Rule on Carbon Pollution Would Gain Most, Study Finds
  • 07.24.14 This Solar Car Just Set A New World Land Speed Record
  • 07.23.14 California utilities succeed in unplugging US military's solar power play 
  • 07.23.14 Google’s $1M Challenge: A Laptop-Sized Solar Inverter 
  • 07.23.14 New fuel cell vehicle to begin testing in Germany
  • 07.22.14 Europe Is Trying To Unite Its Electricity Grid--With An Algorithm 
  • 07.22.14 Climate Change and the Big Four: India, China, the European Union, and the United States
  • 07.22.14 SunEdison to Provide 14 MW Solar Energy to Southern Nevada Water
  • 07.22.14 SDG&E wants to buy 633 MW natgas from NRG Energy
  • 07.22.14 GE plans to sell fuel cells, challenging Bloom 
  • 07.22.14 Is This the Site of the Tesla Giga Factory in Nevada?
  • 07.22.14 Forget the Death Spiral: Electric Vehicles Offer a Major Growth Opportunity for Utilities   
  • 07.22.14 Pre-packaged substations for solar get projects online faster and cheaper 
  • 07.22.14 Surprise! 97% of utilities see microgrids as a business opportunity
  • 07.22.14 Why wind energy is a perfect fit for Tornado Alley
  • 07.22.14 Cisco and Bit Stew Are Turning Grid Routers Into Virtual Servers
  • 07.22.14 Michigan legislators seek solar ‘energy freedom’ for consumers
  • 07.21.14 TECHNOLOGY: An author's take on renewable energy and the end of capitalism 
  • 07.21.14 Local control of electricity gaining momentum in California
  • 07.20.14 California to put $26.5 million into microgrids  
  • 07.18.14 The Coming Storage Boom: Project Proposals Nearly Double California’s Storage Target
  • 07.18.14 ABB wins $35 million HVDC upgrade order in Canada 
  • 07.18.14 Duke, EPRI execs offer utility solutions for 'the most sweeping changes in 120 years'
  • 07.18.14 Solar and storage are truly becoming a two-in-one package
  • 07.17.14 Utility of the Future: Paradigm Shift for More Distributed, Customer-Focused Energy System  
  • 07.17.14 Will GE cash in on its Alstom acquisition? Or repeat its old mistakes? 
  • 07.17.14 NRG Energy Unleashes Basketball Legend Bill Walton to Promote Solar Power
  • 07.17.14 Boulder solar energy firm withdraws from Colo., blaming Xcel, PUC
  • 07.15.14 Greenspace: Community solar gardens may come to Rochester after all
  • 07.15.14 Cisco to build global InterCloud for 'Internet of Everything'
  • 07.15.14 Solar advocates protest proposals to limit North Carolina solar supports
  • 07.15.14 IL governor paves the way for $30 million solar power purchase
  • 07.15.14 Tesla reveals its next electric car will be called Model 3, which should retail for $35,000 in 2017
  • 07.15.14 US utilities are beginning to remake the nation's power grid  
  • 07.15.14 Corporate America Steadily Steering Climate Solutions Despite Congressional Stalemate
  • 07.15.14 Waste problems still haunt nuclear power option
  • 07.14.14 Energy Center Grows Nationally, Drops ‘California’ from Name
  • 07.14.14 Pentagon Awards $334 Million, 25-Year Hawaiian Solar Power Project
  • 07.14.14 Northern Pass transmission line can help solve New England energy issues
  • 07.14.14 This Is Why It Makes Sense to Pair Solar With Electric Vehicles
  • 07.13.14 Europe faces deadly cost for climate inaction 
  • 07.13.14 Six Trends That Illustrate the Impact of the US-China Trade Case on the Solar Market
  • 07.11.14 Only Two US Community Solar Developers Have Finished More Than One Project. Why?
  • 07.11.14 Smart grid device makers pitch platform for a national energy plan  
  • 07.11.14 How to build a North Seas Grid without regretting it
  • 07.11.14 Bold pathways point to a low-carbon future
  • 07.11.14 Group Representing Half A Billion Christians Says It Will No Longer Support Fossil Fuels 
  • 07.11.14 SDG&E’s Plan for Replacing Aging Nuclear Power Strikes a Sour Note
  • 07.11.14 Will Nissan’s Free EV Charging Rival Tesla’s Supercharger Network?
  • 07.10.14 ABB awarded $400 million order for Maritime Link power project in Canada 
  • 07.10.14 CPUC Report Highlights California's Continued Solar Success
  • 07.10.14 Why nanogrids may be bigger than microgrids (in some places it's true already)
  • 07.10.14 Report: U.S. has at least 61 GW of untapped hydro  
  • 07.09.14 Indiana Utility Looks to Add 16 MW of Solar Power 
  • 07.09.14 Stage is set for dramatic increase of solar electricity in Illinois 
  • 07.09.14 PV Industry Leaders See A 'Second Gold Rush' Coming In The Solar Sector
  • 07.08.14 Study: Net metering no cost burden to non-solar owners
  • 07.08.14 China’s Solar Panel Production to Double by 2017 
  • 07.07.14 AlstomGrid energizes 400MW HVDC transmission line, 2nd in S.Korea
  • 07.07.14 An Activist Investor Helps SunEdison Turn Itself Around 
  • 07.07.14 DOE announces $4B in loan guarantees for clean energy 
  • 07.07.14 JinkoSolar starts China university’s ‘Dream Grid’ project
  • 07.07.14 Alstom delivers highest capacity power transformer at 420 kV to Power Grid of Bangladesh
  • 07.07.14 Electricity prices UP in California on drought, shift to natural gas
  • 07.07.14 Maine Utilities Team Up To Boost New England Grid  
  • 07.05.14 Eight unforgettable quotes from Tesla founder Elon Musk
  • 07.02.14 California agencies warn of energy crisis from drought 
  • 07.02.14 Avista buys Alaska utility for $170 million
  • 07.02.14 How an Algorithm is Uniting Europe's Electrical Fiefdoms
  • 07.01.14 Iran looks to solar alternative for energy
  • 07.01.14 Reports: Tres Amigas project still waiting on financing
  • 07.01.14 New 25-acre, 9.1 MW Solar Energy System Launches at Indy Motor Speedway 
  • "There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance" watch video
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    There is a new world wide web emerging right before our eyes.

    It is a global energy network and, like the internet, it will change our culture, society and how we do business.  More importantly, it will alter how we use, transform and exchange energy.

    Enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth every 40 minutes to meet 100 percent of the entire world's energy needs for a full year.

    There is no energy supply problem, there is an energy distribution problem -- and the emerging solution is a new world wide web of electricity.

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