Jeremy Rifkin Speaking at Google corporate HQ in 2014, author Jeremy Rifkin reports consulting with Chinese leadership and the Chinese government has committted to spending $80 billion over the next four years on a distributed energy internet across China to help smooth out the peaks and valleys of intermittent renewable energy and smooth the transition of the country to a greater dependence on renewable energy (Read more)

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  • 03.05.15 Inside California's plans to jump-start community solar development
  • 03.05.15 SunEdison purchases U.S. energy storage firm in fast-growing market
  • 03.05.15 CA bill would let non-utilities sell electricity to commercial, industrial customers 
  • 03.05.15 US Energy Storage Market to Grow 250% in 2015 
  • 03.04.15 Growing Community Energy Efforts Are Shifting the Utility Model in California
  • 03.04.15 GridBridge Demonstrates Distribution Grid Control With Advanced Power Electronics 
  • 03.04.15 Emails reveal CPUC's Florio had questionable relations with SoCal Edison officials 
  • 03.03.15 SunEdison CEO Talks Acquisitions, Storage and Emerging Markets
  • 03.03.15 Micro-grid sprouting on outskirts of San Diego 
  • 03.03.15 Japan’s Growth in Solar Power Falters as Utilities Balk
  • 03.02.15 CPUC influence tied to controversial Pio Pico gas plant about to go online
  • 03.02.15 SolarCity Files Lawsuit Against Arizona's Salt River Project Utility Over Solar Fees
  • 03.02.15 Rooftop solar billing issues far from settled in AZ 
  • 03.02.15 Community solar comes of age in the West
  • 03.02.15 Beyond the substation: How 5 proactive states are transforming the utility grid edge
  • 03.02.15 Global warming helped trigger Syria's civil war says new study
  • 03.02.15 Cape Wind president endorses coalition pushing new offshore wind policy
  • 03.02.15 Solar installer RGS Energy to cut 30% of staff, reorganize 
  • February 2015  
  • 02.28.15 Algeria Aims for 13.5 GW of Solar Power by 2030
  • 02.28.15 800 KV HVDC transmission plant to aid power-starved states in India 
  • 02.28.15 Aluminum "superatoms" hint at a new type of superconducting materials
  • 02.27.15 Study finds solar net metering to be a net benefit in Missouri
  • 02.27.15 SDG&E’s Jim Avery on the Promise of EVs and the Pitfalls of Solar  
  • 02.26.15 NY regulators issue groundbreaking REV order
  • 02.26.15 Google to invest $300M in SolarCity  
  • 02.25.15 Green Tea Coalition opposes solar bill in Florida Senate
  • 02.25.15 NRG Home Solar and Sungevity Both Launch Operations in North Carolina
  • 02.25.15 European Commission Unveils Draft Energy Strategy 
  • 02.24.15 SDG&E: If you're not prepared for the (solar) change, it's too late
  • 02.24.15 Whistleblower: Former AZ Utility Regulator Threatened Him Over Unethical Activity 
  • 02.24.15 First Solar And SunPower To Form Joint Yieldco 
  • 02.24.15 Secret PG&E "self-investigation" finds obstructions on 20% of its gas pipelines
  • 02.23.15 Solar panels add premium to home value, study finds  
  • 02.23.15 Here Are 7 Ways the US Solar Market Will Change in 2015
  • 02.23.15 Facing protests, SRP proposes changes to rate hikes for solar customers 
  • 02.23.15 How renewables are changing the way we operate the grid  
  • 02.23.15 Report: Southern Co. among fossil fuel interests funding climate skeptic's research 
  • 02.23.15 How renewables are changing the way we operate the grid 
  • 02.22.15 New ideas give energy boost to wave power   
  • 02.20.15 Let's Talk About Solar Power and Equity
  • 02.20.15 Iowa bill would give excess solar energy to the poor 
  • 02.20.15 Will Solar Plunge Off the Tax Credit Cliff?
  • 02.20.15 Controversial Indiana solar bill moves quickly through critical committee
  • 02.20.15 Whistleblower claims Arizona regulator met secretly with utility officials 
  • 02.20.15 Texas wind generation is up 71% in 5 years
  • 02.19.15 How the West's new Energy Imbalance Market is building a smarter energy system
  • 02.19.15 Duke faces $100M fine for Dan River coal ash spill 
  • 02.18.15 SDG&E lands $5M grant to expand all-renewables microgrid 
  • 02.18.15 World’s first grid-connected wave energy array switched on in Perth
  • 02.18.15 SolarCity’s shares drop as fourth-quarter losses pile up 
  • 02.18.15 Largest renewable energy developer SunEdison comes to Hawaii
  • 02.18.15 Wind Energy Can Help Meet Carbon Goals - If US Grid Is Upgraded  
  • 02.18.15 In Indiana House solar debate, echoes of Wisconsin fight
  • 02.18.15 Hawaii group explores forming co-op, intervenes in NextEra-HECO docket
  • 02.17.15 Camp Pendleton veterans train for solar industry jobs 
  • 02.17.15 Saint Louis University adding solar power to campus
  • 02.17.15 Google will take 50% of wind power from NextEra's Atlamont facility
  • 02.17.15 SolarCity to house Silevo HQ in leased Solyndra factory 
  • 02.17.15 Enphase tops record year with 575MW of microinverter sales
  • 02.17.15 Imergy’s Vanadium Flow Battery Aims to Compete With Lithium and Lead-Acid at Grid Scale
  • 02.17.15 NARUC meetings: Do we need a carbon price to comply with the EPA's Clean Power Plan?
  • 02.16.14 Norway to become German's energy reservoir via undersea HVDC cable
  • 02.16.15 EPRI Unveils Benefit-Cost Framework for an Integrated Grid 
  • 02.13.15 The Carolinas Have Become Hot Spots for Solar Market Expansion
  • 02.13.15 Tong and Wellinghoff: Why fixed charges are a false fix to the utility industry's solar challenges
  • 02.13.15 TVA to sign major solar deal with NextEra for 80 MW 
  • 02.12.15 California's Solar Industry Job Growth Outpaces Rest of State
  • 02.12.15 Southern Co. subsidiary Gulf Power buys 180 MW of Oklahoma wind
  • 02.12.15 Rooftop Solar Loans Beat Out Leases 
  • 02.11.15 Solar Power Can Spark a New Energy Economy
  • 02.11.15 Tesla Wants to Build a Battery for Your House 
  • 02.11.15 California lawmakers propose ambitious energy agenda
  • 02.10.15 World's largest PV solar plant goes online in California
  • 02.10.15 Apple strikes largest ever commercial solar deal with First Solar
  • 02.10.15 SolarCity to utility industry: Here's how you can solve solar revenue losses
  • 02.09.15 Swinerton to build 104MW DC solar facility in Utah
  • 02.09.15 How utilities think they will make their money in the future 
  • 02.07.15 Energy Quote of the Day: 'Utilities Seem to Have Concrete Shoes On' 
  • 02.07.15 Is Solar The Next Shale?
  • 02.06.15 California Directs State's Largest Utilities to Offer Certified Green Power Programs 
  • 02.06.15 Principal Solar moves forward on big NC solar array
  • 02.05.15 Are virtual power plants the future of European utilities? 
  • 02.05.15 Why community solar is exploding in Minnesota
  • 02.05.15 DistribuTECH 2015: What utilities dream about when they talk distributed energy
  • 02.04.15 Missouri Co-op to build state's first community solar array 
  • 02.04.15 Saudi companies are in the driver’s seat for renewable energy development
  • 02.03.15 Obama's budget would make solar, wind tax credits permanent
  • 02.03.15 E.P.A. Says Pipeline Could Spur Emissions
  • 02.03.15 Live from San Diego... it's DistribuTECH 2015
  • 02.03.15 NRG Home Solar Buys Northeast Operations Of Verengo Solar 
  • 02.03.15 Could This Be Solar's Breakout Year In Texas?
  • 02.03.15 FutureGen 'clean-coal' plant is dead
  • 02.02.15 Apple to build $2B solar-powered “command center” data center at Arizona factory site 
  • 02.01.15 Carbon Morality: Opinion by David Crane, NRG Energy 
  • "There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance" watch video
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