Jeremy Rifkin Speaking at Google corporate HQ in 2014, author Jeremy Rifkin reports consulting with Chinese leadership and the Chinese government has committted to spending $80 billion over the next four years on a distributed energy internet across China to help smooth out the peaks and valleys of intermittent renewable energy and smooth the transition of the country to a greater dependence on renewable energy (Read more)

The Latest Developments in Solar, Wind, Fuel Cells, Geothermal
 and other Distributed Generation Technologies
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  • 09.19.14 UN population growth data is bad news for climate  
  • 09.18.14 The White House Just Announced $68 Million To Boost Solar And Cut Greenhouse Gases 
  • 09.18.14 A New Solar Energy Job-Training Pilot Program for Veterans  
  • 09.17.14 New York writes blueprint for the utility of the future 
  • 09.16.14 Is Verengo Solar Looking for Sale as it Reaches 75 MW Milestone?
  • 09.16.14 Japan’s Plan to Build Huge Solar Power Plants That Float on Water 
  • 09.15.14 NW Energy Gateway Transmission project will change how America uses energy 
  • 09.15.14 Duke Energy announces largest solar investment yet 
  • 09.15.14 China, the Climate and the Fate of the Planet  
  • 09.15.14 What Will the Utility Distribution Grid of the Future Really Look Like?
  • 09.15.14 What Walmart, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson want from their utilities  
  • 09.15.14 TECHNOLOGY: Storing renewable energy in a thousand basements
  • 09.15.14 Yingli Drops Q2 Solar Module Manufacturing Costs to Less Than 50 Cents per Watt
  • 09.15.14 India to Lift Solar Target Fivefold to 15 Gigawatts
  • 09.13.14 Saudi-Egypt electricity grid project to be finalized soon: official 
  • 09.13.14 Sun and Wind Alter Global Landscape, Leaving Utilities Behind
  • 09.12.14 Is a Solar Development Boom About to Begin in Texas?
  • 09.12.14 Central America Solar Capacity Set To Explode 
  • 09.11.14 Why the net metering fight is a red herring for utilities  
  • 09.10.14 Reinventing the Power Business: An Actionable Roadmap for Utility Self-Disruption 
  • 09.10.14 How new transmission will bring Wyoming wind to California 
  • 09.10.14 Google to Invest $145 Million on SunEdison Solar Project 
  • 09.10.14 Dutch, Danish grids to build 600 mln euro subsea power cable    
  • 09.10.14 UC makes largest solar-energy purchase by U.S. higher education institution  
  • 09.10.14 ABB Wants To Be The #1 Battery Supplier
  • 09.10.14 Aleo solar joins 300 watt module club
  • 09.09.14 Using Neural Networks To Better Forecast Renewables   
  • 09.09.14 Five Key Proposals for New York’s Grid Transformation
  • 09.09.14 ABB offers complete system solution for 1,100 kV HVDC power transmission 
  • 09.09.14 Ocean acidification and GHGs hit record levels 
  • 09.08.14 The Return of Small Commercial Solar?
  • 09.08.14 Clinton keynotes National Clean Energy Summit as utility CEOs talk new business models 
  • 09.05.14 Austin, Texas, mandates 800 MW of solar by 2020
  • 09.05.14  Work begins on 250-MW, $1 billion PV solar power plant near Primm, NV
  • 09.05.14 New China Energy Policy Focuses on Distributed Solar and Innovative Financing Tools
  • 09.05.14 'Community solar' power grows in Colorado 
  • 09.04.14 The Local and Global Impact of Tesla’s Giga Factory
  • 09.03.14 Better, Cheaper Loans Challenging the Solar Leasing Model?
  • 09.03.14 $1B Texas transmission line on track to deliver Duke Energy's wind power   
  • 09.03.14 Florida utilities pour millions into tight governor's race against pro-solar candidate Crist
  • 09.03.14 Egypt receives bids for 340MW of wind power
  • 09.02.14 Green Mountain Power and NRG Energy Partner on Vermont Sustainable Energy Projects 
  • 09.02.14 An Airbnb or Uber for the Electricity Grid?
  • 09.02.14 What happened to that national high voltage transmission system?
  • 09.02.14 Plan to make renewables cheaper than coal within 10 years
  • 09.02.14 State governments pushing cities and utilities to get microgrids  
  • 09.01.14 Satellite mapping shows ice caps’ faster melt rate 
  • "There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance" watch video
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    There is a new world wide web emerging right before our eyes.

    It is a global energy network and, like the internet, it will change our culture, society and how we do business.  More importantly, it will alter how we use, transform and exchange energy.

    Enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth every 40 minutes to meet 100 percent of the entire world's energy needs for a full year.

    There is no energy supply problem, there is an energy distribution problem -- and the emerging solution is a new world wide web of electricity.

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