Clark GellingsLet's Build a Global Power Grid" Outstanding proposal from Clark Gellings, a Fellow at the Electric Power Research Institute and an IEEE Life Fellow. This is his second article for IEEE Spectrum. His first, published in 1981, introduced the idea of demand-side management—a now common smart-grid practice that allows electricity customers to manage their own usage. “People thought it was heretical, but the idea eventually took hold,” he says. “I hope that happens with this, too.” More info here.

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  • 10.12.15 As California Rolls Out More Solar Power, Regulators Could Undercut The Industry
  • 10.12.15 CA Gov. Brown vetoes 6 CPUC reform bills 
  • 10.10.15 Mitsubishi Unveils Long-Range Electric SUV Concept
  • 10.09.15 FERC investigating MISO auction over market manipulation allegations 
  • 10.09.15 Russia Turns to Sun, Wind to Improve Electricity Supply for Country’s Far East
  • 10.09.15 Panasonic Quickly Beats SolarCity’s Solar Module Efficiency Record
  • 10.08.15 California finalizes 50%-by-2030 renewables mandate
  • 10.08.15 Utility-scale solar booms as costs drop, challenging gas on price
  • 10.08.15 Duke Energy pulls back on controversial transmission project in western Carolinas
  • 10.07.15 San Diego Activists Rally For Solar Power
  • 10.07.15 Developers propose competing $1.6B, 400 MW offshore wind projects in Hawaii
  • 10.07.15 G.E. to Spin Off New Energy Technologies in One Company Called "Current"
  • 10.05.15 Utilities’ newest solar battleground: California 
  • 10.04.15 Layoffs at SunEdison as Investors Question the Renewable Energy Developer’s Strategy
  • 10.02.15 House energy committee passes grid modernization bill 
  • 10.02.15 Is SolarCity’s New PV Module the ‘World’s Most Efficient Rooftop Solar Panel’?
  • 10.01.15 To ITC or not to ITC: What happens if solar's federal tax incentives aren't extended 
  • September, 2015 
  • 09.30.15 Shell CEO: Solar Energy To Be Backbone Of World’s Energy System
  • 09.30.15 Valuing the Invaluable: The Societal Benefits of Rooftop Solar   
  • 09.29.15 Big utilities enter market for small rooftop solar  
  • 09.28.15 ABB energizes first phase of India’s most advanced UHVDC power link
  • 09.28.15 Inverter Capabilities Are the Biggest Limitation Facing All-Renewable Microgrids
  • 09.25.15 Scotland and Ireland Consider a Linked Renewable Energy Future
  • 09.25.15 Luxembourg to be come "living lab" for sustainable future, hires Jeremy Rifkin
  • 09.24.15 China to Announce Cap-and-Trade Program to Limit Emissions 
  • 09.23.15 Nine Massive US Companies Pledge To Go 100% Renewable 
  • 09.23.15 Three midwest utilities set up competitive transmission developers 
  • 09.22.15 Senate Dems to introduce ambitious climate bill
  • 09.22.15 Tesla Gigafactory will cut battery costs up to 70%, analyst says 
  • 09.21.15 Feds approve North Carolina ocean tract for offshore wind developments
  • 09.21.15 San Diego rooftop solar companies sound alarm 
  • 09.18.15 Pentagon bets heavily on sun, wind with major energy projects
  • 09.18.15 NRG will separate renewable, fossil generation in major reorganization 
  • 09.18.15 ABB invests in most advanced cable-laying vessel for subsea installation and service
  • 09.17.15 SunPower's Howard Wenger: Utility partners need to be 'good citizens of the grid'
  • 09.17.15 SunEdison's Yieldco Overreach Stirs Angst at Solar Companies
  • 09.17.15 Joe Biden at Solar Power Int'l: 'We are on the cusp of something huge' 
  • 09.17.15 US, China Research Institutes Sign Historic Clean Power Grid Accord 
  • 09.16.15 Why storing solar energy and using it at night is closer than you think 
  • 09.16.15 Vice President Biden: Give oil industry's tax credits to clean energy    
  • 09.16.15 Virtual power plants: Moving beyond demand response to an integrated solution 
  • 09.16.15 HVDC power from shore – lowering CO2 emissions
  • 09.16.15 Utility-Scale Solar in Hawaii, Batteries Included
  • 09.16.15 Atlas gives clearer picture of Great Lakes offshore wind potential 
  • 09.16.15 Competitive transmission firm GridLiance acquires lines in Oklahoma, Missouri 
  • 09.15.15 SPI 2015: US solar industry must unite to save ITC, warns SEIA’s Resch 
  • 09.15.15 New Mexico unveils first broad energy plan since 1991
  • 09.15.15 CPUC pushed to study solar-storage further after filing pegs value at $0.25/kWh
  • 09.15.15 Utility Trade Association Needs To Come Clean On Lobbying Efforts
  • 09.15.15 U.S. Solar Heads for Slump in 2017 If Tax Incentive Is Cut
  • 09.15.15 SPI 2015: Tax credit sunset preoccupies a fast-maturing industry
  • 09.15.15 Spain’s Largest Electric Utilities Targeted in $4 Billion Fraud Case
  • 09.14.15 SDG&E moves to transitional 3-tier rate structure this month
  • 09.14.15 Will solar energy shine on poor communities?
  • 09.11.15 Brooklyn microgrid could supply residents with up to 10 MW 
  • 09.11.15 Report: Despite green claims, Rocky Mountain Power undermining renewables in Utah 
  • 09.11.15 Solar Will Soon Be the Dominant Generation Source for Microgrids   
  • 09.11.15 Southern's renewables push continues with 151 MW wind buy
  • 09.11.15 Renewables opponents make late-session push to freeze North Carolina RPS
  • 09.10.15 New electricity market plans move forward as Northwest Power Pool appeals to FERC
  • 09.10.15 Alstom to Build HVDC Converter Stations for France-Italy Power Link
  • 09.10.15 California Launches Its First Real-World Smart Inverter Test
  • 09.10.15 Why the installed price of distributed solar keeps dropping 
  • 09.10.15 Hawaii co-op, SolarCity ink deal for dispatchable power from solar-storage project
  • 09.10.15 America Will Add 1 Gigawatt of Solar Every Month Between Now and the End of 2016
  • 09.09.15 Even With Musk's Magic, SolarCity's Light Is Fading Fast
  • 09.08.15 Enphase Launches an Upgraded Smart Home Energy-Management System
  • 09.08.15 Stem, PG&E bid aggregated energy storage into CAISO real-time market 
  • 09.08.15 Price continues to rise for Mississippi Power's Kemper coal plant
  • 09.04.15 Plug-and-play storage startup Orison seeks to challenge Tesla in residential market
  • 09.04.15 Military Marches Forward With Microgrids   
  • 09.03.15 Florida solar advocates, utility backers face off in court over TPO ballot proposals
  • 09.03.15 Alabama Power's plan for 500 MW of renewables approved by regulators 
  • 09.02.15 World’s Biggest Transactive Energy Test Shows Promise in Pacific NW 
  • 09.02.15 MISO transmission plan includes more than 350 projects totaling $2.4B 
  • 09.02.15 IRS ruling indicates US community solar could qualify for ITC support
  • 09.02.15 SolarCity surpasses US$9 billion in funding with new US$400 million deal
  • 09.01.15 SunZia transmission line project back on track after review 
  • 09.01.15 Will California redouble its push for clean energy? It all rides on this upcoming vote.    
  • "There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance" watch video
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    There is a new world wide web emerging right before our eyes.

    It is a global energy network and, like the internet, it will change our culture, society and how we do business.  More importantly, it will alter how we use, transform and exchange energy.

    Enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth every 40 minutes to meet 100 percent of the entire world's energy needs for a full year.

    There is no energy supply problem, there is an energy distribution problem -- and the emerging solution is a new world wide web of electricity.

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