Jeremy Rifkin Speaking at Google corporate HQ in 2014, author Jeremy Rifkin reports consulting with Chinese leadership and the Chinese government has committted to spending $80 billion over the next four years on a distributed energy internet across China to help smooth out the peaks and valleys of intermittent renewable energy and smooth the transition of the country to a greater dependence on renewable energy (Read more)

The Latest Developments in Solar, Wind, Fuel Cells, Geothermal
 and other Distributed Generation Technologies
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  • 08.21.14 Blackout threat in Idaho Falls illustrates transmission line troubles 
  • 08.21.14 Solar Cell Breakthrough: “Artificial Leaf” Beats Photosynthesis At Its Own Game
  • 08.19.14 FERC Grants Key Approval To 3.5 GW Wind Power Transmission Line Project
  • 08.19.14 Proposed Coal Export Terminal In Oregon Suffers Major Setback 
  • 08.19.14 Major Court Ruling Clears the Way To Let Renewables Into the Grid  
  • 08.19.14 Manmade lagoon could power 155,000 homes with tidal power  
  • 08.18.14 The Longest River In The U.S. Is Being Altered By Climate Change   
  • 08.17.14 Green Mountain Power breaks ground on solar-plus-storage microgrid  
  • 08.16.14 Electric-Car Batteries: The Business Opportunity in "Re-Purposing" Them  
  • 08.16.14 Citigroup: Solar’s Global Outlook Has Improved
  • 08.15.14 Jon Wellinghoff: Utilities should not operate the distribution grid  
  • 08.15.14 Updated: NRG’s $100M Acquisition of Goal Zero for On-the-Go Solar Power 
  • 08.15.14 U.S. Court Upholds FERC Rules On Electric Grid Planning 
  • 08.14.14The Brewing Rift Over Community Choice Aggregation in California
  • 08.14.14 Survey: Millions of Americans Willing to Pay More on Monthly Bill for 'Energy Internet
  • 08.13.14 Google and SDG&E join forces to ramp up renewables in San Diego 
  • 08.13.14 Saudi Arabia Could Beat U.S. To Low Cost Solar Punch 
  • 08.12.14 Defective Photovoltaics and Other Flaws Plague China's Push to Build Solar Power
  • 08.12.14 ‘Tipping Point’ For Grid Defection Might Occur In Part Due To Tesla 
  • 08.12.14 The electrification of Africa
  • 08.11.14 Feds approve 330-mi, 1,000-MW, $2.2 billion HVDC transmission line along Hudson
  • 08.11.14 Has APS invented a rooftop solar business model for utilities?  
  • 08.11.14 UniEnergy Brings Next-Gen Vanadium Flow Battery to Commercial Scale
  • 08.11.14 Energy eclipse: 5 ways China is on the rise
  • 08.11.14 World Bank approves $500 mln loan for Vietnam's electrical grid  
  • 08.09.14 SolarCity losing money but keeps growing fast
  • 08.09.14 $18 Million To Awaken The Sleeping Geothermal Energy Giant
  • 08.08.14 SolarCity outlines cost cuts in run up to ITC reduction 
  • 08.08.14 Flaw and Order: How Brookings Got Its Analysis of Wind and Solar Costs So Wrong
  • 08.07.14 Solar Power on the Rise: The Technologies and Policies behind a Booming Energy Sector
  • 08.07.14 South Carolina will let people lease equipment for solar energy 
  • 08.07.14 Chinese solar module prices in US up 9% on back of duties - GTM
  • 08.07.14 Electric Vehicles Could Save U.S. Utilities From A Death Spiral 
  • 08.07.14 IBM's new brain chip could power the Internet of Things  
  • 08.06.14 Report: California Solar Capacity Grew 48% In 2013
  • 08.06.14 Michigan utilities, solar advocates find harmony on community solar  
  • 08.06.14 2nd-biggest U.S. residential solar installer files for IPO, sources say
  • 08.06.14 SolarWorld Fires Shot at SEIA Over China Trade Case, But Leaves Settlement Possibility Open
  • 08.06.14 HVDC: The Second Electrical Revolution 
  • 08.06.14 SunPower Offers Solar and Storage Packages to Hybrid Car Customers
  • 08.06.14 Siemens Gets Nationwide Test for Demand Response Software
  • 08.06.14 Why Home Depot could soon be in charge of the power industry 
  • 08.06.14 San Diego County adopts 'green building' measures for solar and EV's
  • 08.06.14 The Narrative That Residential PACE Is ‘Dead’ Is Now Pretty Much Dead Itself
  • 08.05.14 Bill Would Streamline Rooftop Solar Permits in California
  • 08.04.14 SoCal Edison inks deal for 1.3 GW of new solar  
  • 08.04.14 U.S. solar projects may be threatened by tariffs
  • 08.04.14 Morgan Stanley: Fixed Charges on Solar May Cause ‘Tipping Point’ for Grid Defection
  • 08.04.14 Obama promotes Africa energy links at White House summit 
  • 08.04.14 First Solar wins EPC deal for 52.5 MW Jordan solar project
  • 08.02.14 Illegal cartel of HVDC transmission line suppliers fined $413 million each for anti-trust actions 
  • 08.01.14 Is Minnesota preparing to overhaul the utility business model? 
  • "There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance" watch video
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    There is a new world wide web emerging right before our eyes.

    It is a global energy network and, like the internet, it will change our culture, society and how we do business.  More importantly, it will alter how we use, transform and exchange energy.

    Enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth every 40 minutes to meet 100 percent of the entire world's energy needs for a full year.

    There is no energy supply problem, there is an energy distribution problem -- and the emerging solution is a new world wide web of electricity.

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