Jeremy Rifkin Speaking at Google corporate HQ in 2014, author Jeremy Rifkin reports consulting with Chinese leadership and the Chinese government has committted to spending $80 billion over the next four years on a distributed energy internet across China to help smooth out the peaks and valleys of intermittent renewable energy and smooth the transition of the country to a greater dependence on renewable energy (Read more)

The Latest Developments in Solar, Wind, Fuel Cells, Geothermal
 and other Distributed Generation Technologies
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  • 07.29.15 As Berkshire signs Obama climate pledge, subsidiary MidAmerican targets 57% wind in Iowa
  • 07.29.15 Edison Int'l seeks $7.57B in damagers from Mitsubishi for San Onofre closure 
  • 07.28.15 Can SolarCity Crack the Code on Small Commercial Solar?  
  • 07.28.15 Beyond Energy: Making the Distributed Grid ‘Capacity-Efficient’
  • 07.27.15 Rooftop solar is booming. But it may be more vulnerable than you think
  • 07.27.15 Major US Corporations Pledge To Increase Renewable Energy Usage, Decrease Carbon Footprint 
  • 07.27.15 Chairman still wants emails on San Onofre nuclear plant closing
  • 07.27.15 Utility Ownership of Large-Scale Renewables Would Reverse a Decade’s Worth of Ratepayer Savings 
  • 07.27.15 TimberRock Energy Plans a Fleet of Microgrids in Maryland
  • 07.27.15 Tesla to build batteries for Escondido schools

  • 07.27.15 NRG Energy Launches a Community Solar Business With 100MW in the Pipeline 
  • 07.26.15 Clinton sets goals for solar panels, clean energy 
  • 07.26.15 Norway pumps up ‘green battery’ plan for Europe
  • 07.26.15 General Electric aims big in energy storage after battery step back
  • 07.24.15 Rooftop Solar Companies Are Letting Leads Slip Through the Cracks
  • 07.24.15 Senate leaders introduce first broad, bipartisan energy bill since 2007
  • 07.23.15 The Western US Needs Better Regional Planning to Modernize the Grid
  • 07.23.15 PG&E’s New Tariff Could ‘Gut the PV Opportunity’ for the Commercial Solar Sector
  • 07.23.15 Key senate committee approves wind tax credit extension 
  • 07.23.15 Assessing the costs and benefits of distributed energy to the grid of the future
  • 07.22.15 Mind The GaP! New “Solar Fuel Cell” Is More Efficient By A Factor Of 10
  • 07.20.15 The Wind and Sun Are Bringing the Shine Back to Buffalo 
  • 07.20.15 Utility solar costs less, but it’s also worth less
  • 07.20.15 SunEdison to Buy Vivint Solar for About $2.2 Billion
  • 07.16.15 How new software is helping utilities boost their community solar programs
  • 07.16.15 Amid a solar boom, batteries draw attention and dollars
  • 07.16.15 30% Jump In Solar Energy Forecasting Accuracy Gained By “Machine Learning”
  • 07.16.15 Alabama Power seeks up to 500 MW of solar power 
  • 07.15.15 Storage, the ITC, and Solar’s Amazing Growth Featured at Intersolar North America
  • 07.15.15 Rate design can save utilities from solar death spiral - but at what cost?
  • 07.15.15 Federal appeals court upholds Colorado renewable energy standard
  • 07.15.15 FirstEnergy will spin off remaining transmission assets, form new subsidiary
  • 07.14.15 Microgrid efforts get a boost in NY
  • 07.14.15 SDG&E Proposes a ‘Bring Your Own Battery’ Tariff
  • 07.14.15 Tesla CTO: Bulk Energy Storage Will Grow Much Faster Than People Expect
  • 07.14.15 Could electric vehicles provide reliable backup power to the electric grid?
  • 07.14.15 Borrego Solar Systems to Build 10 MW of Utility Rooftop Solar Projects in Southern California 
  • 07.13.15 Inside California's rate restructuring plan and the battle for fixed charges looming over it
  • 07.13.15 Utilities, greens get last minute shots at lobbying White House on Clean Power Plan 
  • 07.13.15 "Roofless" Community Solar Comes to San Antonio, Texas 
  • 07.13.15 More 'Green Bonds' Needed to Fund the Clean Energy Revolution
  • 07.13.15 Rooftop Solar Is Critical to Hawaii’s 100% Clean Energy Future
  • 07.13.15 Thailand ignites solar power investment in Southeast Asia
  • 07.10.15 The Clean Energy Case for Transmission Has Never Been Stronger
  • 07.10.15 Power trade rises between US & Canada, boosting reliability
  • 07.10.15 Tucson Electric Power Seeks to Expand Its Residential Solar Programs
  • 07.10.15 Norway could be Europe's green battery
  • 07.10.15 Video Breakdown: How Electric Vehicles Could Make or Break the Power Grid
  • 07.10.15 There’s a Civil War Brewing Over Solar in Florida
  • 07.10.15 CA utilities want distributed generation to count towards renewables mandate
  • 07.09.15 InMotive Pivots to Transmissions for Electric Vehicles  

  • 07.08.15 How the global fuel mix will transform itself over the next 25 years
  • 07.07.15 President Obama announces plans to make solar more accessible to middle, low-income customers
  • 07.07.15 Solar Bill Passed in Maine Sets the Stage for an Innovative Alternative to Net Metering 
  • 07.06.15 SolarCity adds Tesla battery to its new solar-plus-storage home product
  • 07.06.15 Inside the nation's first renewables-plus-storage microgrid   
  • 07.03.15 California regulators approve higher electricity rates for most residents 
  • 07.03.15 California Reaches Compromise on Utility Residential Rate Reform
  • 07.03.15 Kenya is building Africa’s biggest wind energy farm to generate a fifth of its power
  • 07.02.15 Missouri regulators reject Grain Belt Express transmission project 
  • 07.02.15 HECO files with regulators to cut solar net metering rates in half
  • 07.02.15 China plans to double global capacity of wind, solar 
  • 07.02.15 Austin Energy gets record low solar bids at under 4 cents/kWh
  • 07.02.15 New York Utilities Announce Projects Aiming to Commercialize the Grid Edge
  • 07.01.15 Inside SoCal Edison’s Plan to Open Its Grid to Distributed Energy   
  • 07.01.15 Researchers develop new storage cell for solar energy storage, nighttime conversion
  • 07.01.15 How Germany’s Second-Biggest Utility Is Adapting to a Distributed Energy World
  • 07.01.15 Georgia Power Is Launching Its Own Rooftop Solar Business   
  • "There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance" watch video
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    There is a new world wide web emerging right before our eyes.

    It is a global energy network and, like the internet, it will change our culture, society and how we do business.  More importantly, it will alter how we use, transform and exchange energy.

    Enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth every 40 minutes to meet 100 percent of the entire world's energy needs for a full year.

    There is no energy supply problem, there is an energy distribution problem -- and the emerging solution is a new world wide web of electricity.

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