Global Energy Grid Project
Sees Big Week in News Coverage

Last week in March 2016 sees over a dozen major stories due to grid conference in Beijing.

China’s State Grid Envisions Global Wind-and-Sun Power Network - WSJ

China Unveils Proposal for $50 Trillion Global Electricity Network - NBC

China Wants to Power the World with Renewable Energy - Bloomberg and Chicago Tribune

Why It's Time to Rebuild the Energy System

Asian Super Grid gets support from China, Russia, S.Korea and Japan

China State Grid Eyes Asian Super Network With Partners' Help

China looks to export surplus energy to Germany

Pakistan, China working to build interconnection grid for electricity:

China’s Vision of a Global Grid: 
Chinese exec calls for bold global grid transformation (Part 1 of 2)

A Grid to Knit Together the World: China's Plea for Cooperation (Part 2 of 2)

2016 Global Energy Interconnection Conference Opens in Beijing

Like the US, China wants a national electricity grid.

Unlike the US, China’s just building it.

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