Clark GellingsLet's Build a Global Power Grid" Outstanding proposal from Clark Gellings, a Fellow at the Electric Power Research Institute and an IEEE Life Fellow. This is his second article for IEEE Spectrum. His first, published in 1981, introduced the idea of demand-side management—a now common smart-grid practice that allows electricity customers to manage their own usage. “People thought it was heretical, but the idea eventually took hold,” he says. “I hope that happens with this, too.” More info here.

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  • October 2015
  • 10.30.15 The World’s Biggest Companies on Why They Buy Renewables: ‘It’s a Very Clear Economic Issue’ 
  • 10.30.15 Edison Never Told Federal Regulators Of San Onofre Nuclear Equipment Design Fla
  • 10.29.15 SolarCity to slow growth and focus on cost reduction  
  • 10.29.15 How utilities are getting in on the transmission building boom
  • 10.29.15 San Diego utility expects to hit net metering caps in mid-2016 
  • 10.29.15 NV Energy remains on track to join Western energy imbalance market  
  • 10.29.15 NextEra, HEI ask PUC to exclude merger intervenors pushing for public utility
  • 10.28.15 FERC: Renewables account for over 60% of new generation in 2015
  • 10.28.15 Construction Begins On Europe’s Largest Floating Solar Plant

  • 10.27.15 Climate-conscious Boulder takes energy future into its own hands 
  • 10.27.15 Thinking Differently About Where to Deploy Solar-Plus-Storage   
  • 10.27.15 Isolux Corsan and Siemens to install $450 million HVDC transmission line in East Africa
  • 10.27.15 Bipartisan coalition launches Congressional Battery Storage Caucus 
  • 10.26.15 The Paris Climate Talks Could Jolt Private Sector Investments Worldwide 
  • 10.26.15 Morocco poised to become a solar superpower with launch of desert mega-project 
  • 10.26.15 Hawaii PUC chair defends landmark decision to end retail rate solar net metering 
  • 10.26.15 Climate change could soon push Persian Gulf temperatures to lethal extremes, report warns
  • 10.26.15 Nanogrids Versus Microgrids: Energy Storage A Winner In Both Cases   
  • 10.22.15 AF partners with Army, industry to successfully develop, test vehicle-to-grid technology 
  • 10.22.15 Florida Supreme Court Clears Hurdle Out Of The Way For Solar Power To Flourish 
  • 10.22.15 What comes after net metering: Hawaii's latest postcard from the solar future
  • 10.22.15 Arizona: Utility regulators to consider value of solar  

  • 10.21.15 Apple just announced dramatic new solar energy plans in China
  • 10.21.15 Al Gore’s Green Investment Strategy & Fight Against Climate Change  
  • 10.20.15 How the Third Industrial Revolution Will Create a Green Economy 
  • 10.19.15 Six ways 'prosumers' are changing the energy landscape 
  • 10.19.15 Report: 11% of nukes could retire early, putting Clean Power Plan goals at risk
  • 10.19.15 China Plans $78B Investment in New Nuclear Capacity by 2030 
  • 10.19.15 UK sending ‘perverse’ signals on renewables ahead of COP21, says UN scientist
  • 10.18.15 Masdar and New Zealand to develop solar plant in Solomon Islands
  • 10.16.15 ABB wins $300m order to improve grid reliability in China
  • 10.16.15 Sierra Club launches San Diego ad campaign to call out SDGE 's anti-rooftop solar proposal
  • 10.16.15 Grand Inga Dam on the agenda for Zuma visit to DRC   
  • 10.16.15 90 miles of high-profile CapX2020 transmission line electrified 
  • 10.16.15 Inside California's energy politics, the FERC Order 745 case, and the coming storage cost shift
  • 10.16.15 600 MW of Midwest power plants to retire amid environmental and economic concerns
  • 10.15.15 Austin council votes to boost solar power
  • 10.15.15 Scientists identify climate 'tipping points'
  • 10.15.15 ABB Creates $70-Million High-Tech Center in Montreal 
  • 10.14.15 New York Encourages Pairing of Community Microgrids and Community Solar  
  • 10.14.15 Climate and clean energy take center stage in the Democratic Party debates
  • 10.14.15 California Leads the Way on Climate Change  
  • 10.14.15 Regulators close door on Hawaiian Electric's rooftop solar program
  • 10.14.15 China aims to quadruple solar installations by 2020 
  • 10.14.15 Africa 2030: Roadmap for a Renewable Energy Future  
  • 10.13.15 Study: Integrating PacifiCorp and CAISO grids would net $12.5B in savings
  • 10.13.15 California Ratepayer Advocates Pushing Failed Arizona Proposals That Could Kill Rooftop Solar  
  • 10.13.15 Cheap Solar Comes to Wisconsin via Co-Ops
  • 10.13.15 Rochester eyes 100 percent renewable energy by 2031
  • 10.13.15 Imperial County’s Renewable Power Explosion, in One Map
  • 10.13.15 Why battery storage is 'just about ready to take off'
  • 10.12.15 As California Rolls Out More Solar Power, Regulators Could Undercut The Industry
  • 10.12.15 How 'grid neutrality' can build the backbone for the modern grid
  • 10.12.15 CA Gov. Brown vetoes 6 CPUC reform bills 
  • 10.10.15 Mitsubishi Unveils Long-Range Electric SUV Concept
  • 10.09.15 FERC investigating MISO auction over market manipulation allegations 
  • 10.09.15 Russia Turns to Sun, Wind to Improve Electricity Supply for Country’s Far East
  • 10.09.15 Panasonic Quickly Beats SolarCity’s Solar Module Efficiency Record
  • 10.08.15 California finalizes 50%-by-2030 renewables mandate
  • 10.08.15 Utility-scale solar booms as costs drop, challenging gas on price
  • 10.08.15 Duke Energy pulls back on controversial transmission project in western Carolinas
  • 10.07.15 San Diego Activists Rally For Solar Power
  • 10.07.15 Developers propose competing $1.6B, 400 MW offshore wind projects in Hawaii
  • 10.07.15 G.E. to Spin Off New Energy Technologies in One Company Called "Current"
  • 10.05.15 Utilities’ newest solar battleground: California 
  • 10.04.15 Layoffs at SunEdison as Investors Question the Renewable Energy Developer’s Strategy
  • 10.02.15 House energy committee passes grid modernization bill 
  • 10.02.15 Is SolarCity’s New PV Module the ‘World’s Most Efficient Rooftop Solar Panel’?
  • 10.01.15 To ITC or not to ITC: What happens if solar's federal tax incentives aren't extended   
  • "There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance" watch video
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    Enough solar energy falls on the surface of the earth every 40 minutes to meet 100 percent of the entire world's energy needs for a full year.

    There is no energy supply problem, there is an energy distribution problem -- and the emerging solution is a new world wide web of electricity.

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